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Thursday, Apr 17th, 2014 23:48 UTC

2014-0417-bb-dn-FAO SeminarSome of those who attended the seminar.BRIDGETOWN -- The first specialized food zone in Barbados is getting under way in St George.

Thursday, Apr 17th, 2014 23:41 UTC

2014-0417-bb-dn-Sir Roy TrotmanSir Roy more optimisticBRIDGETOWN -- Talks aimed at ending a week-long sugar factory strike will resume today — with the first glimmer of optimism.

Thursday, Apr 17th, 2014 23:29 UTC

2014-0417-bb-dn-FAO-SeminarGeneral Manager of Pinnacle Feeds Ltd David Foster (left) showing off his company’s new 25kg bag of feed to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.BRIDGETOWN -- Cabinet is in possession of suggestions made by the Ministry of Agriculture to combat the troubling issue of crop theft.

Thursday, Apr 17th, 2014 23:17 UTC

2014-0417-bb-dn-Dr Frances Chandler speakBRIDGETOWN -- Regardless of what the World Trade Organisation (WTO) thinks, Barbados should put curbs on imports to protect its agricultural sector.

Thursday, Apr 17th, 2014 22:25 UTC

2014-0417-bb-dn-Donville Inniss PoliticianMinister of Industry Donville InnissBRIDGETOWN -- Minister of Industry Donville Inniss said Barbados was prepared to raise taxes on imported processed chicken with or without the approval of CARICOM.

Monday, Apr 14th, 2014 20:45 UTC

2014-0414-bb-dn-Rihanna MTV Movie awardsRihanna arrives at the MTV Movie Awards.BRIDGETOWN -- Rihanna performed her hit song Monster with Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards last night in Los Angeles, but the buzz was about her red carpet outfit, not her stage performance.

Monday, Apr 14th, 2014 20:22 UTC

2014-0414-bb-dn-Indar WeirTravel Agents Association of Barbados president Indar Weir.BRIDGETOWN -- Barbadians are starting again to spread their wings, and travel agents are seeing hope.

Monday, Apr 14th, 2014 20:15 UTC

2014-0414-bb-dn-CasketsCaskets can now be rented out.BRIDGETOWN -- The rental of caskets has taken off in Barbados in a significant way.

Monday, Apr 14th, 2014 20:06 UTC

2014-0414-bb-dn-portvaleA worker showing how some of the canes are becoming discoloured at the end, a sign they are decomposing and may no longer be useful in sugar production.BRIDGETOWN -- Portvale Factory in St James remained silent yesterday following the breakdown of talks between the Barbados Agricultural Management Company (BAMC) and the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) to end a now five-day-old strike.

Monday, Apr 14th, 2014 19:29 UTC

2014-0414-bb-dn-Cancer Support Church ServicePastor PaulL Leacock of First Baptist Church greeting Cancer Support Services representatives (from left) Marva Clarke and Janette Lynton, as well as Minister of Health John Boyce’s wife Carolyn Boyce, at yesterday’s anniversary service.BRIDGETOWN -- A church leader has blasted pastors who offer healing for a price.

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