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Ahoy Matey!

Ahoy Matey!
A pirate at Carmabi’s Shete Boka Park in Curaçao.

WILLEMSTAD (CSN) -- People were in for a very nice treat last Wednesday if they were at Carmabi Shete Boka Park.

The one and only Theo Meijer and his assistant Nigelino Dcg were having a photo shoot. With a pirate! Model Gigi Levens, also featured last year in our Picture of the Day on our Facebook page, was visiting Curaçao and wanted to do something out of the box. She came up with the idea of Pirates, loosely based on Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Since I’m based in The Netherlands, I wanted to do something here that I wouldn’t be able to do there. Pirate-parties are quite popular there, so I already had the costumes. When I think of pirates, I think of untamed people, adventurous lifestyle and, of course, the Caribbean Sea.”

Sheta Boka Park is quite a unique place to have a photo shoot. But is seems to fit very well with the pirate-theme.

“When I was in high school I went on a school trip to Shete Boka and Boka Pistol left a very hard to erase impression. The water was wild, and clashes into the island with a vengeance, spewing into the air like a bullet coming out of a pistol. It was wild and mystifying.

After remembering this, I was instantly in love with the idea of shooting there.”

Model photography is booming on Curaçao and there are a lot of good photographers to choose from. Gigi chose to work with Theo because she very much liked the style of his photography.

“Theo primarily shoots at weddings and I think he gives his pictures a magical fairy tale-like quality. And that is exactly what I wanted my pictures to have.”

As for how the pictures turned out: we’ll let you be the judge (Gigi loves them though).

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