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PPM In Surprise GT Candidate Shuffle

PPM In Surprise GT Candidate Shuffle
Marco Archer on Nomination Day.

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman (CNS) -- Marco Archer, the current finance minister and one of the Progressives’ most popular candidates, will be running in George Town Central instead of Premier Alden McLaughlin, who was expected to be in a head-to-head fight with his former assistant, Kenneth Bryan.

The party had been tight-lipped about where many of their candidates were running, and it was not until almost 2:30pm on Nomination Day that it emerged that Archer will be running in the centre of the capital and the party leader will be contesting Red Bay.

Admitting that strategy had played a key part in the Progressives’ plan in George Town, Archer described it as a “real chess match”, but he said that GTC was a good fit for him.

He said he was from George Town Central, grew up there and had strong ties to the community; he learned to swim in Hog Sty Bay and went to school in the area. He said he had great support there in 2013 and has many friends and church colleagues in the constituency.

Archer said he hoped to be returned to the LA and would be honoured to serve the people in GTC. “I am the George Town Central person, so it was a natural choice for me,” he added.

If the PPM secured the government, he hopes to return to his job as minister of finance, he said.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Bryan told CNS that it was the issues that were important, not who he faced in the campaign.

Bryan, who has been on the campaign trail for almost a year, said the PPM government was not connecting with the people and it was time for change. He said he believed they had been carried along and were taking credit for the economic advances that were not necessarily of their making. He also criticised government for the recent swathe of legislation it brought to the LA and the enormous problems they had faced trying to steer some ill-thought out laws at the eleventh hour, which he said had demonstrated their incompetence.
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