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Mac Confident He Can Beat Challengers

Mac Confident He Can Beat Challengers
CDP West Bay candidates McKeeva Bush (front) and behind him (L-R) Bernie Bush, Eugene Ebanks and John Jefferson Jr.

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman (CNS) -- After he went through the official nomination process Wednesday morning, Cayman Democratic Party Leader McKeeva Bush said he was confident that he would win the district of West Bay West.

Bush was the first candidate to appear at the library in his constituency before noon but two other long-term vocal opponents of Bush were expected to arrive before the 3pm deadline. Bush described them as minor candidates and said he would win the seat.

Speaking to the press, he accepted that the first-past-the-post race could change things but said it would not alter the WBW result because he was going to win.

However, the current opposition leader seemed less confident that his party would win a majority and would not be drawn into predicting a CDP government being returned on 25 May. He said that he was not going to say that he would win government until every vote was counted.

Bush said he was fielding a strong experienced team, even though the CDP does not have a candidate running in all 19 districts. With the last minute addition of Pearlina McGaw Lumsden to the CDP platform, she will now be running for George Town North. Tessa Bodden, who was originally slated to be the CDP candidate for GTN, now plans to contest George Town East for the party.

Bush said it was up to the people who they returned and he would work with any other independents, naming Anthony Eden and others running in his group as potential allies. He also gave another nod to Kenneth Bryan, predicting that he will beat Premier Alden McLaughlin in what is still likely to be a head-to-head race for George Town Central.

“The premier is easily beat,” he said. “He is weak, weak, weak,” Bush added.

The CDP leader criticised the current government saying that they “deserve to be kicked out”.

Bush said the immigration situation “stinks” and education was “in a mess”. He maintained that crime was running rampant and that the real facts about that were being withheld. Any upswing in the economy had not trickled down to the people who were suffering and some had lost their homes, he said.

“Caymanians are feeling lost,” he claimed, adding that the CDP would be unveiling its policies to help them at its forthcoming conference.

Bush said that after all of the West Bay team have been nominated, they will be getting on the campaign trail and talking about the important issues with voters. But he said he had no concerns about any of the people running in West Bay as he said the others were all “minor candidates and I feel good about my team mates”.