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Warren Jumps Into GTW Fight

Warren Jumps Into GTW Fight
Dennie Warren Jr.

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman (CNS) -- Dennie Warren, a long-time political activist and more recently an outspoken advocate for medical cannabis, has made a decision to run for office.

Warren, who was instrumental in persuading the government to take a leap of faith and legalise the use of cannabis oil as a medicine when prescribed by a doctor, is a professional photographer and a vegan. He said that the issue of cannabis and developing a local medical cannabis industry in Cayman would form an important part of his platform in his bid to take the George Town West seat.

Warren, who has been committed to the cannabis campaign over the last two years, was also involved for many years in campaigning for constitutional change but he has never before thrown his hat in the ring to run for political office.

Campaigning for his home district of George Town West, he will be running against the Cayman Democratic Party’s Jonathan Piercy, who is making his third attempt at political office, and Ellio Solomon, the former George Town representative for the UDP’s 2009 – 2013 administration who has deserted his former party and is running as an independent.

The constituency has 1,229 voters in an area that covers a considerable part of downtown George Town, the hospital and parts of Windsor Park. So far, the Progressives have not announced their intended candidate for the district. The candidate to secure the most votes in the polling stations in the area in 2013 was Kurt Tibbetts with 328 votes; the next best result was recorded by Mike Adam, who was running for the UDP in 2013 and missed a seat by just 51 votes, having collected 287 in the area.

While it is not clear if Adam will be on the campaign trail in May, but if he is sticking with the CDP he will not be running in GTW. In 2013 Solomon, when he was also on the UDP ticket, attracted 247 votes and his then party colleague Piercy bagged just six less with 241.

With a unique selling point on his own independent platform, with a national draw as well, Warren said that he is not a ‘special interest’ candidate and plans to raise numerous other issues.