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Manchester Women Entrepreneurs Showcase Wares

Manchester Women Entrepreneurs Showcase Wares
Aviola necklaces designed by Melissa Preddie of Aviola Accessories. They were among items showcased at the Made in Manchester expo for businesswomen, held at Manchester High School in Mandeville on March 5.
(Media Credit: Barbara Ellington)

KINGSTON (JIS) -- Some 40 women entrepreneurs from the parish of Manchester showcased their original designs, hand-made creations and home-made products at the second annual Made in Manchester Women in Business Expo. The event was held on March 5 on the grounds of the Manchester High School. Keva Ellis, creator of the KViolet Collection of knitted items told JIS News that she was looking for something creative to do and went online for ideas. “I realised that making knitted items such as bags and swimsuits entirely from wool was not very popular here, so I decided to try that,” she said. Her display at the Made in Manchester expo featured small blankets, shawls, handbags, sandals, bikinis and other swimsuits, hats and more. “So far, I have been getting good response, especially for my bags and bathing suits,” Ms. Ellis said.

Peaches Rodney-Henry, managing director of Henry’s Delight, makes Irish potato, breadfruit, banana, cassava, plantain and dasheen chips from her Ingleside home in Mandeville.

She has been doing so for two years and has already secured one overseas contract.

“I do not use any preservatives or additives, and when I export, I don’t have to worry about time, as my chips are airlifted to their destination. They are popular with my customers, because they are natural, healthy and fresh,” Mrs. Rodney-Henry boasted.

Maureen Williams’ organic food items under the ‘Our Jamaican Foods’ brand was a hit with patrons.

Expo attendees readily sampled the pizza made from breadfruit dough and topped with ackee and salt fish, and the assortment of vegetable and meat wraps made from cassava, sweet potato and breadfruit flour.

Patrons could also purchase flour made from these Jamaican-grown items.