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Politicians Still ‘On Edge’ Over Private Eyes

Politicians Still ‘On Edge’ Over Private Eyes
Alva Suckoo in the LA March 2017.

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman (CNS) -- When Alva Suckoo began his debate on the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill Thursday, he raised the issue of the claims he made about being followed by private investigators hired by local law firms.

Although the police have said that they were unable to substantiate the allegations, the Bodden Town opposition MLA said the police were still investigating and it was a local lawyer who alerted the independent members to the alleged tail on them via a text message, which Suckoo read to members.

As he read the message, Suckoo indicated that a consultancy firm had been “employed by blank and blank”, who he said were local law firms: “They are declaring all-out war on Winston and Arden. No limit on money or method to get them out. They hired some people to follow them and dig up dirt yesterday. Please advise them pronto, they are going to need help.”

Referring to arguments made by the attorney general Wednesday about accepting the word of Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton that he was not conflicted over the Legal Practitioners Bill because he was a lawyer, Suckoo said that was why, coming from a lawyer, the text had been taken seriously. He also revealed that the local attorney in question, whom he would not identify, had confirmed sending the text to the police.

Suckoo said that despite what people were saying, the path that he and other MLAs have taken to oppose the Legal Practitioners Bill had created a “large number of enemies” for them and some people “would stop at nothing to stop us”, but he said he was determined not to support the bill.

His comments came in the wake of concerns raised by the member for East End, Arden McLean, who said there was “a gentleman walking around” in the upstairs gallery of the LA who had been there for a few days and no one knew who he was. The sergeant-at-arms was dispatched to investigate. However, there was no indication from the speaker who the person was before the LA was adjourned later Thursday.