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CDP To Unveil Full Election Team At AGM

CDP To Unveil Full Election Team At AGM

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman (CNS) -- The Cayman Democratic Party (formerly the United Democratic Party) will be revealing its “partial slate” of the candidates who will be contesting some of the 19 seats at the May General Election at an AGM just a few days ahead of Nomination Day.

A release from party officials said that high on the agenda will be the “fine-tuning of our election preparedness machinery” and that party leader McKeeva Bush will present the candidates who will be the party’s standard-bearers for the election.

The AGM is set for Saturday, 25 March, at the University College of the Cayman Islands, entitled “Tomorrow Must Be Better than Today”, and it will be divided into two parts. The public session begins at 6pm in the evening.

“The AGM will consider several internal party matters, including the ratification of amendments to its structures and the programme to rebuild the Young Democrats, the party’s youth arm. High on the agenda will be the fine-tuning of our election preparedness machinery,” officials said. “In the Private Session, the party will engage in extensive discussion on its election preparedness operations, the presentation of its policy document and its wider communication strategy for the campaign.”

The highlight of the public session will be the presentation of the partial slate of candidates by Bush, who will be speaking, the officials said, about “the achievements and progress of the Cayman Islands under the previous Cayman Democratic Party’s Administration in reforming the Cayman economy and setting the stage for greater economic development”.

The opposition leader and former premier is expected to speak about his proposed reform of the education sector, improving the structure of governance; healthcare delivery, inclusive of health tourism; family and community development; and protecting the most vulnerable in Cayman society.

The CDP claimed that under the present administration the country was adrift and in need of a rescue plan. It said the party intends to make Cayman a better place for all, while building a strong and sustainable economy.

“Challenges remains in our country and the period between 2013 and now has exacerbated those challenges by a misguided government,” the CDP stated in the release, adding that young people continue the cry for help “as unemployment continues to rise”.

According to official statistics, the unemployment rate across the board is falling but there are concerns that it is still disproportionately high among the youngest job-seekers.

The results of the Labour Force Survey conducted last October have not yet been released but in his most recent reference to local unemployment, the premier told the audience at the Cayman Economic Outlook conference that it had fallen to 5.6% last year from a high of more than 10-5% in 2012.