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Effective Management Of The Moruga Locust

Effective Management Of The Moruga Locust

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (GISL) -- A Public Awareness Seminar on the Moruga locust was held on Thursday 23rd February 2017 at the Richard Douglas Presbyterian School in Barrackpore targeting residents and farmers of the southern side of Barrackpore, where locust swarms were previously identified.

This session was coordinated by the Ministry's Regional Administration South Division (Victoria County Agricultural Office) and facilitated by the Agricultural Assistant III (with direct responsibility for the Locust Control Programme), Mr. Rudy Ramdass.

Ms. Gangapersad, Agricultural Officer I, Victoria, acknowledged that the Ministry's efforts were supplemented as there were some farmers who ‘had become very proactive in the management of their own holdings either through their purchase and application of chemicals and/or by their active surveillance and responsible reporting of the locusts.’ Farmers at the session were informed of life cycle of the locust and the concomitant control strategy that the ministry has been employing.

The Ministry continues to effect its pest management strategy to treat the Marac, Moruga Food Crop Project (La Savanne), Cachipe, St. Mary’s, Santa Maria and Edward Trace areas.

To report sightings of the Moruga locust and for additional information on the agricultural pest, please call the Victoria County Agricultural Office in Princes Town at 655-3428/7526/5637.