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Jost Van Dyke Primary School Students, Teachers Get Motivated

Jost Van Dyke Primary School Students, Teachers Get Motivated

ROAD TOWN, Tortola (BVIGIS) -- Students and faculty of the Jost Van Dyke Primary School (JVDPS) were treated to a recent presentation by motivational speaker and mentor, Mr. Henderson Tittle.

JVDPS Principal, Ms. Lavern Blyden said Mr. Tittle’s message to faculty and students was well–received,adding, “They now have a newfound energy. Both the teachers and students were engaged and really enjoyed the session. They are motivated to work and put their best foot forward in everything they do.”

Mr. Tittle, who is a mentor for M.A.L.E. (Mentoring Anointed Leaders Everywhere)visited JVDPS last Thursday and shared his personal story about overcoming drug abuse and shared advice on overcoming obstacles and getting on track to achieve goals.

During his motivational lunch session with teachers he said, “Teaching is not a ‘9 to 5’ job…teaching is a journey. We are all on a journey and each journey is different.”

The motivational speaker also said that there are distractions on the journey, including stop lights or things that will cause discouragement, crosswalks that help persons to get from one side to the next and speed bumps which are signs to tell persons to take it easy.

“You are not just a teacher, you are a mentor. You are molding the next generation. You are creating the next generation,” Mr. Tittle told teachers.

The students were told that the secret to the next level is W-O-R-K and had the children repetitively spell out ‘work’ to a rhythm with clapping.

“When you come to school, you have to pay attention. You have to stay focused…If you want to pass, you have to do homework. You have to put in the W-O-R-K,” said Mr. Tittle.

Mr. Tittle also told students, “Practise doesn’t just make perfect, it makes permanent…Permanent means it will stay.”

The motivational speaker ended the session by saying a special prayer for the students. The Jost Van Dyke Primary School has a total of 49 students and seven teachers.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is committed to ‘Creating a Culture of Excellence’.