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New Chief Officer Appointed

Deputy Governor’s office
New Chief Officer Appointed
Govt. Primary Schools Year 3 Book Club Breakfast Morning with Minister Rivers and Chief Officer, Christen Suckoo 2014-2015 School Year.
(Media credit: Education Ministry)
Christen Suckoo Confirmed.

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman (GIS) -- Deputy Governor, the Hon. Franz Manderson has appointed Christen Suckoo as the Chief Officer, Education, Employment and Gender Affairs. He took up his position on the 1st October 2015.

The appointment took place after an open recruitment process. The recruitment process was enhanced by an assessment centre approach where the candidate was subjected to two exercises and also undertook a cognitive ability and emotional intelligence test.

A selection panel consisting of Mr. Franz Manderson, Deputy Governor, Chairman, Mr. Chris Duggan, Vice President at Dart and Wanda Ebanks, a Partner at Maples interviewed Mr. Suckoo.

Mr. Manderson said, “It is particularly pleasing to see another bright young Caymanian rising through the ranks to achieve one of the most senior positions in the Civil Service.” Mr Suckoo has done an outstanding job as acting Chief Officer -delivering a number of major projects which were a priority for his Minister. I very much look forward to even greater achievements now that he has been appointed to the post”.

Christen began his career in the civil service in 1999 as a Risk Analyst in the Portfolio of Finance and Economics.  In 2007, he became the Deputy Director of the Constitutional Review Secretariat in the Cabinet Office where he was responsible for a large public education and consultation campaign as part of the constitutional modernization project.

Christen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance from the University of South Florida.

Christen was promoted to Deputy Chief Officer (Finance, Administration and Special Units) in 2009 in the Ministry of Education and was responsible for oversight of the Sunrise Adult Training Centre, Department of Employment Relations, the Public Library and the National Archive.

On taking up his appointment Christen said, “I look forward to the challenges of this new position and the opportunity to continue to develop policies that will enhance the educational, employment and gender development of these islands.“