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Tropical Storm Erika -Situation Report #10

Tropical Storm Erika -Situation Report #10
Jungle Bay Resort, Delices.
(Media credit: GIS Dominica)

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDEMA | 05:00PM) -- CDEMA has drafted a recommendation for the recovery of Dominica based on the Model National Recovery Framework. It focuses on the development of a Recovery Coordination Committee and a National Recovery Task Force.

Rotation and Redeployment of relief and response teams under the Regional Response Mechanism arrangement is continuing as necessary. It is expected that by early next week all of the Search and Rescue teams will leave Dominica for their home countries.


Work is ongoing to operationalise the Melville Hall Airport. A LIAT aircraft completed a successful test landing on Saturday, September 5, 2015.

Relief To Communities

The needs of the isolated communities are being met in numerous ways. Food, water and other supplies are being distributed by various groups. Food is also being distributed to the shelters and meals are also being prepared by local people.

Dominica Red Cross

The Dominica Red Cross continues to support the relief effort and has been distributing supplies to several communities including, Pichelin, Grand Bay, Bagatelle, Fond St. Jean and Pointe Carib. Supplies distributed to these areas include hygiene kits, water, buckets, jerry cans, kitchen kits, and tarpaulin.

Caribbean Institute For Meteorology And Hydrology (CIMH)

Staff from the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) participated in a planning meeting between the Dominica Ministry of Public Works and the World Bank team on the island. The CIMH team visited the Pichelin area to assess the hydrological conditions in the area. They also participated in a site visit over Petite Savanne to survey the damage and assess the geological stability of the area. The site visit to Petite Savanne was facilitated by the Venezuela helicopter. CIMH has prepared a report on its assessments for presentation the Ministry of Works and the World Bank

Japan Relief Contingent

The contingent has arrived in Dominica and met with the Dominica National Disaster Coordinator who received generators and portable water treatment plants.

Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO)

Five (5) nurses from St. Vincent have been deployed as of September 5, 2015.

United Kingdom

Relief efforts by the British Frigate (RFA Lyme Bay) are ongoing. They have been distributing food and water to four (4) communities on the West Coast of Dominica. Hot meals are also being supplied.

United States of America

The Government of the United States of America through the United States Department of International Development (USAID) has deployed team of disaster management specialists who are conducting ongoing needs assessments, as well as coordinating the distribution of essential relief supplies and equipment. USAID’s lead Caribbean disaster management advisor from its regional office in Costa Rica leads the team and is supported by two (2) regional disaster management specialists and three (3) local advisors from Dominica. The team has been on the ground since August 27, 2015.

The Regional Coordination Centre will be stood down with effect from Sunday, September 6, 2015. Situation Reports on Dominica’s recovery efforts will now be issued as necessary.


Erika became the fifth named storm of this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season on August 24, 2015. Erika began impacting the CDEMA Participating States from Wednesday, August 26 and degenerated to a trough of low pressure on Saturday, August 29, 2015.

The centre of Tropical Storm Erika passed about 90 miles to the North of the Commonwealth of Dominica at its nearest point, with the storm producing intense rainfall across the island. The Canefield Airport near the capital of Roseau, Dominica, recorded 12.64 inches of rain in a 12-hour period from Erika on Thursday, August 27. This resulted in severe flooding and landslides and wide spread damage across the island. As of September 3rd, 2015, the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) confirmed 12 dead, 22 missing and 20 injured.

Following a preliminary assessment of the impact, the Prime Minister of Dominica declared nine (9) Special Disaster Areas on August 29, 2015. The Prime Minister’s address to the nation and declaration can be accessed at

Special Disaster Areas

The Government of Dominica has declared nine (9) Special Disaster Areas. These are:

  • Petite Savanne
  • Pichelin
  • Good Hope
  • Bath Estate (Paradise Valley)
  • Dubique
  • Campbell
  • Coulibistrie
  • San Sauveur
  • Petite Soufriere

A hotline has been established with the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) and the Dominica Red Cross to offer assistance to persons seeking information on family members. The number is 1 (767) 448-8280.

The Government of Dominica has established an account at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to receive contributions in support of its recovery and reconstruction efforts following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.

The account details are as follows:

  • United States Dollars (USD)
  • Federal Reserve Bank (NY)
  • ECCB’s account number at the FED: 021083695
  • FFC Government of Dominica account 310301005

National Days Of Mourning And Prayer

The Prime Minister of Dominica declared Thursday, September 3rd and Friday, September 4th, 2015 as National Days of Mourning. He also designated Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th, 2015 as National Days of Prayer.

Download the documents below to read the complete reports.