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CNSJ 2012 -Friday: Magical Music Night Under The Full Moon!

CNSJ 2012 -Friday: Magical Music Night Under The Full Moon!
Santana Concert.
(Media credit: CNSJ/Andreas Terlaak)
The CNSJ Jazz Village: Ambiance, Great Music and “Dushi Hende”!

WILLEMSTAD (CSN) -- Hershell & Friends opened the 3rd Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival 2012 on the new Sir Duke Stage by the sea: a great prelude to a great night!

Hershell & Friends gave a fine show with the well-known Argentinian guitarist Luis Salinas showing-off some great guitar solos. Ced Ride joined the group in the closing act, showcasing “Tumba Pa Keda” with a full band: Orchestral Tumba, a true treat for the audience.

Sergio George All Star Salsa Band kicked off a 2-hour salsa extravaganza on the Sam Cooke Stage, the main open-air stage of the CNSJ Jazz Village. The show featured many well-known salsa-greats: Andy Montañez, Charlie Za, Cheo Feliciano, José ‘El Canario’ Alberto, Luis Enrique, Marc Anthony, Nora de La Luz, Oscar D'León, Tito Nieves and Willy Chirino. All these artists could easily give their own show!
Luis Enrique delighted the audience with “Yo No Se Mañana”; they sang along and danced. The public gave José ‘El Canario’ Alberto, the popular Dominican salsa singer, a warm-hearted welcome with a long applause. Marc Anthony stole the show with “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien”: everyone got on their feet to dance and sing along lustily! The crowd was cheering.

Meanwhile Paquito D’Rivera was conducting the Dizzy Gillespie™ All-Star Big Band on the Celia Stage in the exhibition hall of the Curaçao World Trade Centre. The Dizzy Gillespie™ All-Star Big Band was founded by the legendary jazz-great Dizzy Gillespie, who together with Charlie Parker revolutionized jazz with Bebop. Dizzy Gillespie is also mainly responsible for another innovation in jazz, Cubop, which nowadays is known as Latin Jazz. So, you can imagine the great challenge facing Paquito D’Rivera when he took over the Band when Dizzy Gillespie passed away.
Well, there is only one word for the performance of the Dizzy Gillespie™ All-Star Big Band: exquisite! The band sounded great, the music was wonderful and the musicians played from the heart. It was the finest live Latin Jazz performance I have ever heard. Dizzy must have been smiling from heaven and been proud of Paquito. The Dizzy Gillespie™ All-Star Big Band got a standing ovation from the admiring fans and audience.

So many great performances and the show was only beginning! Three stages and three shows on each stage: a great treat for the audience!

Sir Duke Celia Sam Cooke
Hershell & Friends Dizzy Gillespie™ All-Star Big Band Sergio George All Star Salsa Band
Jill Scott Buika Rubén Blades
Caro Emerald Allen Toussaint’s "The Bright Mississippi" featuring Don Byron & Marc Ribot Santana

Soul singer Jill Scott gave a great performance by the sea and the audience gave Buika, a fine jazz vocalist, a standing ovation. Caro Emerald was also great.

Rubén Blades is an icon and he is a member of a very exclusive group, including Juan Luis Guerra. He has a distinguished career that started with Fania All Stars and his collaboration and productions with Willie Colón are legendary. His songs always delight and they tell a profound story, often times about the Barrios, the pueblos, their people and way of life.
Rubén Blades treated the audience with a selection from his extensive repertoire. They enjoyed his show wholeheartedly, sang along and danced the night away under the full blue moon.

On the Celia stage, the audience got a taste of Mississippi blues and jazz at the hands of Allen Toussaint’s "The Bright Mississippi", ft. Don Byron & Marc Ribot. Don Byron treated the audience on fine sax solos and Marc Ribot played some mean blues riffs and solos.
Allen Toussaint gave one of the finest performances of “St. James Infirmary” I have ever heard. The drummer accompanied the song by “drumming” on his upper legs!

And then there was Santana...


The first self-titled Santana album was released in 1969 and I bought my first Santana long play, yes long play, in 1970. I have been a Santana fan ever since! This was my first Santana live concert and the excitement was building up for me and the whole CNSJ Jazz Village.

Santana started ahead of schedule and blew everyone away from the first note! The audience went wild, screamed, jumped and danced to the sounds of his guitar. Santana Live is a thousand times better than on CDs!

All the classics from his long and distinguished career passed the review and the longer they played the better they got, raising the standard with each song.

Santana had a surprise for the audience when he invited Fher Olvera, the lead singer of Maná, to the stage to perform “Corazón Espinado”, which they played together on the 1999 album Supernatural. Fher Olvera bowed for Santana on getting on the stage. During the performance Rubén Blades joined the party out of nowhere, making the song a wonderful treat for the audience. Rubén Blades kissed Santana’s hand when he left the stage. This made me think back on the video “Supernatural”, wherein Wyclef Jean declared Carlos Santana “The God of Music”.

Caribseek News salutes the 3rd Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival 2012 organizers for a great night and wonderful memories.

Tonight an exciting program awaits us. Visit for the details.

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